SILICON VEGGIE - Mediterranean Mood

By Elisa Camahort

IN CASE you haven't already noticed, I offer you this veg*n tip: Go Mediterranean. While you may have visions of kebabs and gyros dancing before your eyes, much of what naturally accompanies such meaty Mediterranean meals is suitable for the vegan diet. I put the tip to the test this week and dined at Cafe Artemis, in the Pruneyard in Campbell.

Noshing on their appetizer platter... Read More.
Cafe Artemis Five Star on Yelp - 2/27/09
I love it here! This is the perfect place to nosh on the amazing food and share a bottle of wine. I tried this amazing lamb dish that was served on top of crunchy pita chips and covered with a marinara sauce and yogurt. Lke Greek nachos I guess! I agree with the other yelpers that the appetizer plate is fresh, huge and delicious! I don't agree with the person who said it is pricey. Where else can you go and share and an appetizer... Read More.
By Aleta Watson

Sitting on the patio of Cafe Artemis on a warm evening with a glass of crisp Cankaya wine in hand and Turkish pop music playing in the background, it's easy to imagine yourself on an Aegean holiday.

If only the SUVs would stop circling the PruneYard parking lot and all those mannequins in elaborate wedding dresses weren't so distracting in the Trudy's shop windows next door.

Ah well, the food is appealing, and our server is charming, smiling warmly and cheerfully helping us pronounce some... Read More.
Ring around the 'Rosies, a pocket full of 'Posies'

By Koren Temple

The sweet scents of Mediterranean cuisine are filling the Pruneyard Shopping Center with the opening of Café Artemis, a contemporary Turkish-Greek restaurant.

The restaurant opened at the beginning of August and offers traditional Aegean dishes popular in the Greek islands.

"We have a variety of kebabs and wraps," said owner and head cook Gokmen Ekmekci, who operates... Read More.